freedom  illinois  platform

Freedom Illinois’ platform exists to provide a space where we can come together as individuals and freedom loving groups to help inform Illinoisans about the daily, consistent infringement on their constitutional rights & civil liberties. It’s a central location to stay informed, find events & opportunities to get involved at a local level.

  Although we are NOT a partisan lobbying group, we do take a firm stance on exposing government overreach and championing individual freedom.  We invite candidates from all parties to enforce the same principles.

Reliance on big government, state or federal, severely limits the foundations of our civil liberties: civic responsibility and self-government.  Subsequently, big government overreach extends to control employment, healthcare, education and ultimately, our overall well-being. In many cases, career politicians have a hidden agenda that promotes government-reliance instead of self-reliance.  

Our platform promotes civic responsibility by exercising autonomy through local government.

How You Can Help

  • Make sure your local groups are connected on freedom Illinois so others know how to join
  • Send your Events to the freedom Illinois calendar to be posted
  • Help keep us informed so we can inform others, send us what’s happening in your local community so we can rally behind you, and involve others.

Our Goals

1. CHAMPION INVOLVEMENT • In other words, prompt grassroots organization and action by informing the constituency to make the best decisions possible for local and state government.


2. EMBRACE & STRENGTHEN ESTABLISHED LOCAL GROUPS Freedom Illinois wants to connect people to their local groups and the groups to the people


3. UNITE ILLINOISANS • We believe there is far more we can connect on than there is that truly divides us. Let’s come together and protect the things we value as Americans.


 4. EDUCATE VOTERS • Outside the fact that we have far too many Illinoisans who don’t vote, it’s safe to say the common voter doesn’t know who they’re voting for or have ample reason why they are voting for them. It is our civic duty to be educated voters and we value that.


We hope to grow so as to provide a balanced delivery of information regarding: protection of constitutional rights, grassroots involvement, economy, public school reform, information on candidates for the consolidated, municipal & state elections