3 Ways You Can Get
Involved In Elections!

Please consider volunteering to become a Precinct Committeeman, Election judge and/or Poll watcher.

Precinct Committeeman (PC)

“The most powerful office in the world”

Precinct Committeeman has been called the “most powerful office in the world” because the PC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter, which is often the PC’s neighbor.

“America First Americans must take their political activities “into” the Republican Party by becoming precinct committeemen and thereby transform the Party from a half-strength, ideologically-split party into a full-strength, solidly-conservative party to help the BEST America First candidates win the all-important, usually-very-low-turnout primary elections by helping to boost turnout of conservative Republicans in every voting precinct.”

– PrecinctStrategy.com

Election Judge

Did you know that for the past 2 years there have not been enough Republican election judges to cover all the polling places in Rock Island county?

Election judges are responsible for ensuring that the election process is administered fairly and follows Illinois laws. Election judges work at the polling place on Election Day.

Poll Watcher

Poll watchers safeguard election integrity by ensuring transparency and fair elections. Poll watchers may be in the polling place before opening, during voting, after polls close and during early voting.